At the heart of our work, is our ambition to bring about positive social change, through a transformation in the public ‘collective mood’ which recognises the need for absolute urgency, in addressing youth violence. We believe that, when everyone accepts personal responsibility for those around them, inevitably, violence will be reduced and ultimately, lives saved.

We are applying long term strategic thinking, to achieve our overall objective, through the public health approach to violent crime; but we also recognise the need for immediate responses from government, and other key agencies, to provide short term measures to curb antisocial behaviours and to promote pro social behaviour. The James Brindley Foundation website, together with our media activity, is crucial to our desire, to take part in and influence the national conversation, in order to galvanise action.

In order to be financially independent, we fund raise throughout the year, which allows us to invest in the development and implementation of ‘social learning,’ through our educational programmes. We train professionals within partner organisations and key agencies, to deliver our programmes to children, young people and families, within their own working environments.

Our Fundraising events are fun, social and are for everyone to enjoy. We welcome anyone wishing to undertake fundraising activities of their own, on behalf of The James Brindley Foundation, and will provide advice and assistance in the organisation of an event.

We survive through the generosity of others, who believe in what we do. Please lend us your support and a helping hand, to make our country a safer place, for all.

Thank you.


We want to live in a country, where no-one walks in fear of youth violence.We believe that, when everyone accepts personal responsibility for those around them, inevitably violence will be reduced and ultimately, lives saved.

The James Brindley Foundation, inspired by James to help others, exists to bring an end to youth violence, and to help families who suffer the same pain as ourselves. It is our aspiration that, these matters be given the gravity today, so that they can be consigned to history, tomorrow.

We pride ourselves on our ability to tackle youth offending, head on. Through the delivery of The James Brindley Full Circle Programme, an accredited educational tool for children and young people and an assessment tool for professionals, we engage and empower young people to make positive changes for a better life.


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