Knife crime in England and Wales rises to record high, ONS figures show…
Home Office figures show that only one in every 14 offences led to court proceedings – less than half the rate five years ago. The charging rate has been in decline almost continuously since 2014-15, when changes were made to the collection of the data. Last year, 7.1% of crimes resulted in a suspect being charged or ordered to appear in court. The previous year it was 8.2% – and in 2014-15 it was 15.5%. The percentage of crimes in which suspects were cautioned has also fallen, to 1.3% from 4.6% in 2014-15. (Information Courtesy of Danny Shaw, BBC Home Affairs Correspondent)
The James Brindley Full Circle Programme seeks to tackle youth offending head on, using an evidence based 360-degree approach. Alongside developing an individual’s awareness of both the short and long term consequences of decision making, the programme seeks to develop problem solving and decision making skills, that we believe will contribute to a positive social lifestyle and avoid involvement in the criminal justice system. The programme was developed in response to Government statistics, suggesting that ‘looked after’ children in England, are five times more likely to offend than all children…

The James Brindley Foundation

The James Brindley Foundation was launched on 2nd November 2018, following the murder of James Brindley, in an unprovoked and motiveless knife attack, as he walked home alone, at around 11.45pm, on June 23rd 2017.

The Foundation comprises James’s family members and professionals, united by a shared passion, to protect and support young people, who are at risk of, or who are already engaging in criminalised behaviours.  We believe that, all young people are capable of positive change and can achieve their full potential, when offered a safe and supportive environment, where they can comfortably discuss their experiences and be given the tools and means to address their behaviour. The James Brindley Foundation exists to provide young people with these opportunities.

We're all about Action

We believe in action to bring about positive change. Our activity behind the scenes is full-on, to raise awareness, educate, fundraise and eventually, to legislate. We aim to put a full stop to youth violence. Although this may not be possible in absolute terms, getting to the core issues is our way of making positive changes for James.

Through Fundraising

James was a popular and inspirational young man and following his murder, messages of comfort and support, came from far and wide and from across a huge spectrum of society. Many have raised money with fundraising ideas of their own, which they have donated to James’ Foundation.

Our Fundraising events are fun, social and are for everyone to enjoy. We also welcome anyone wishing to undertake fundraising activities of their own, on behalf of The James Brindley Foundation, and will provide advice and assistance in the organisation of an event.

We survive through the generosity of others, who believe in what we do. Please lend us your support and a helping hand, to make our country a safer place, for all.

Thank you.

Through the Media

When James was murdered, the media played a significant role in the search for those responsible. We believe that the media is key in galvanising support for our cause and bringing about positive social change. We are playing an active role in awareness across the UK, with regular appearances on national television, Youtube and social channels.

Through Education

The James Brindley Foundation is taking a long term, public health approach to tackle, what we believe to be, a knife crime ‘national crisis’. In order to break the cycle of violence, we have launched The James Brindley Full Circle Programme, an educational programme for children and young people, which seeks to increase a young person’s awareness, of both the short and long term consequences of decision making, both for themselves and others and also to develop problem solving and decision making skills, as well as promoting positive alternatives to antisocial behaviours.

Currently, the programme is taken into all schools, including ‘special educational needs’ provisions and Pupil Referral Units, (PRUs), as well as colleges, Youth Justice Services, and the prison service. 

Through Legislation

Having witnessed the realities of our laws from inside the criminal justice system, we believe that constructive changes must be made, in order that families like our own can grieve for their loved ones, without

The Law and the Criminal Justice System must play a fundamental role in the de-escalation of violence and the restoration of justice, for victims and their families. Disparities between actions and their consequences for perpetrators, must be tackled, as well as the imbalance between the rights of perpetrators and those of victims and their families. Currently, ‘the system’ appears skewed in favour of perpetrators and as a consequence, there are many perceived miscarriages of justice. These are complex issues, which we intend to confront, through discussion with experts and campaigning for change through public support.

Only when the scales of justice have been balanced, will families like our own be free to properly mourn their loved ones.

See our Campaign here

“When the truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie.” Yevgeny Yuvtushenko

Helping the UK’s young people to make positive changes for a better life.

Our aim is to lobby for change, educate and make a difference in bringing down the figures relating to violent crime, every statistic represents a life. We welcome your help and support to carry on the fight.


Source: Home Office Year ending March.
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We believe every young person at risk of entering the Criminal Justice System is capable of positive change. Our approach to tackling youth offending is a holistic one. The James Brindley Full Circle Programme utilises the latest research, theories and best practice to deliver ground breaking education to young people at risk of becoming involved in criminal behaviour.


We are The James Brindley Foundation. We are united by a shared passion to protect, and support young people at risk of engaging in criminal behaviour. Formed in 2018 following the murder of James Brindley, we are a team of family members, and professionals who passionately believe that together, we can make a positive difference.


From our educational programmes, engaging workshops and early intervention services, we support vulnerable young people and their families. Our work sees us supporting young people in educational provisions, residential provisions, fostering placements and throughout the wider community.


Are you interested in joining our charity? We’re looking for more people to get involved, and work with us to support more vulnerable young people – because together we can make a difference. Right now, we need more volunteers across the West Midlands, London and Manchester. Please call our recruitment team on 0121 752 2610 to find out more.


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